ISLAMABAD - The government has revised the management position (MP) salary packages with effect from December 2016 by increasing the salaries in the range of Rs7,700 to Rs31, 300 per month.

"The prime minister has been pleased to approve the revision of management position (MP) salary package and perquisites with effect from December 1, 2016," stated a notification issued by the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday.

Management position (MP) scale is special salary package and perquisites given to the officers working in public department on contract basis/special assignments.

For MP-1 the basic salary for MP-1 scale has now been fixed at Rs289, 300 per month, up by Rs26,300 per month from Rs263, 000. The maximum salary for MP-1 officers has been fixed at Rs355, 300 per month.

The maximum house rent ceiling for MP-1 officers has been kept unchanged at Rs142,000 per month. The utilities allowance would remain at Rs16,200 per month.  Similarly, the monetisation of transport facility for MP-I officer would remain at Rs95,910. Other perks like medical facilities, travelling and daily allowances, leave encashment and gratuity for all MP officers will remain unchanged.

For MP-2, the basic pay for MP-II officers has been increased to Rs121, 000 per month from Rs110, 000 per month. Maximum basic pay for the same position has been revised from Rs176,000 to Rs193,600.

The house rent ceiling and utilities have been set at Rs110,000 and Rs8,800 respectively per month. They have been offered Rs77, 430 per month as transport facility instead of official cars.

For MP-3, the minimum basic pay of management position-III (MP-III) has been increased from Rs77, 000 from Rs84,700 and maximum basic pay for the same position has been revised from Rs110,000 to Rs121,000.

Meanwhile, the minimum house rent has been kept changed at Rs33,000 and maximum house rent at Rs44,000.

Similarly, minimum utilities bill would remain at Rs3,850 and maximum utilities at Rs5,500. The monetisation of transport facility for MP-I officer would remain at Rs65,060. The notification stated that three ad-hoc relief allowances 10 per cent of the basic, 10 per cent and seven per cent of the basic given in years 2013, 2014 and 2015 shall cease to exist.

However, the ad-hoc allowance 2010 at 50 per cent of the management scale -2008 admissible to the officers holding management grades shall continue to stand frozen at the level of its admissibility as on June 30, 2016.

Similarly, an ad-hoc relief allowance --2016 at 10 per cent of the running basic pay of management scales -2016 to the civil employees of the federal government shall be allowed with effect from July 2016.