KARACHI -  Speakers at China-Pakistan Enterprises Cooperation Business Development and Networking Conference have said that CPEC, a part of China One Belt One Road global initiative, has provided a golden opportunity to Pakistan to take off as a regional economic power. Pakistan has been unable to grow as fast as its neighbors in South Asia, on account of poor infrastructure which is straining under demands of a large population growing at higher than world’s average.

They said Chinese lending via CPEC for infrastructure and energy projects will bridge infrastructure development gaps in Pakistan. The industrial phase of CPEC in Pakistan is now beginning and government of Sindh is actively working on the development of industrial parks and Special Economic Zones in the province.

They said Research and Development International, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS-RDI) had worked extensively on the development of the ‘One Belt and One Road’ Initiative and government of Sindh is supporting its efforts in bringing Chinese businesses to engage with Pakistani businesses to set up industries in the province.

The objective of this event was to provide a platform to Chinese and Pakistani businesses to discuss and explore potential partnership and investment opportunities in Sindh. The visiting Chinese delegation represented fifteen business sectors, including real estate, technology, engineering and Chinese medicine amongst others.

To further strengthen relations between the two countries, a memorandum of understating to establish Pak- China Real Estate Association (PCREA) was also signed.

Those who spoke at event included Senator Saleem Mandviwala, Naheed Memon, Chairperson SBI; government of Sindh, Dr. Baige Zhao, Chair of the Advisory Committee of CASS-RDI while Co-Chair, Pakistan China Institute delivered the concluding address.