ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said, “the government is successfully tackling major challenges confronting Pakistan.”

PM Nawaz Sharif was addressing 40th Export Awards ceremony of Federal of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Islamabad today.

“Before 2013 there was 18 hours of load shedding, but the government successfully eliminated load shedding for industry. By 2018 the menace for the domestic consumer would be over too,” the PM said.

“The government has a vision plan beyond 2018 as Pakistan has to move forward irrespective of who is in power,” he said.

Regarding terrorism the PM Nawaz Sharif said, “Earlier no government seriously tried to tackle the challenge of terrorism but the present government took it head on. Now only remnants of terrorists exist, they would also be taken to task.”

He highlighted the successful operation in Karachi, Lawlessness in Karachi was also taken up and resulting into resumption of normal life. Operation in Karachi would continue till satisfaction of the people and the business community.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that exports last month grew by 6.2% as compared to last year. “This was only due to provision of uninterrupted power supply, announcement of zero rated export facility for five sectors and sales tax refunds of 45 billion rupees besides improvement in overall law and order situation.”

The government is also focusing on revival of national institutions.

Development of Gwadar and CPEC would prove to be a game changer and will have tremendous impact on overall development of Balochistan, he said.

PM Nawaz Sharif said despite having strength in the parliament, PML (N) preferred to form a coalition government in Balochistan and PTI government in KPK. PTI now stands exposed as it failed to fulfill its pledges of bringing about a change in KPK.