The media has turned into means to deliver information about new arrivals in the market and is accessible in almost every house. The harder fact is that there is a scarcity of job openings available, whereas the common person is financially dependent on a single individual’s earning. A large portion of the population has to pay to for counsellors and psychiatrists to treat the consequences of greed and un-thankfulness. The real concept of shopping at mall is to make it comfortable while saving time. Over here in Pakistan, it has emerged as a means to make more profit from the under-privileged fraction of the community.

Malls serving a minor fraction of population e.g. rich people are never over-crowded and very seldom offer exciting sales. In spite of offering international goods, these malls lack standard infrastructure ensuring safety standards for building as well as for customers and no one, including foreign customers, questions these issues. Most of the buildings lack emergency exit routes, emergency moving stairs or flat-form stop bottom option available at site, first aid kits, fire extinguishing kits and above all a maximum limit for individuals those can be present in the building at a given time.

There is a widely located chain of shopping malls that target customers who are average and below average income earners, comprising the majority of the population. They operate by keeping a low profit margin in comparison to other outlets in most of the goods whereas compensate the amount by keeping higher profit margin in other goods and by offering exciting sales.


Karachi, December 10.