Polio is a dangerous virus which makes the individuals lame in their lifes. Today almost all of countries are free from the virus instead of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. However, in 2014 Pakistan got indeed 306 cases from all over provinences, especially from Balochista and Sindhi. On the other hand, with the help of EOC, while some of other international organization like ‘WHO’, UNICEF and the local youth progress decrease 306 cases into only 6 cases. It also improves to the enemy of Pak region who attacked time to time on the workers of Polio where above than 45 died and dozens were wounded.

But still Pakistan proves with in short period of time that he is not inferior than any other strong Country. Moreover, in the occasion of world polio day the prime minister of Pakistan commented that he so glad to see Pakistan is a free polio Country, while as well the former prime minister Asif Zardari said that it was the dream of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto to see a polio free Country. Finally, Pakistan is going towards development which is every Pakistani’s dream to see. Today let’s take the oath that every Pakistani will do his best to make Pakistan a develop and healthy Country.


Turbat, December 3.