The quick expansion of military technologies, and arms race between the two nations is the mere result of their divergent threat perceptions. Obviously, the competitive security narratives, and their past stories of unending hostility between the two are the root causes of such perceptions.

Among all the major military technologies, Missile technology is the most expensive one. It eats up the lion’s share of both the countries’ defence budgets.

Moreover, the history depicts that Pakistan has always created the reactions of the actions initiated by India. For example, the nuclear weapons, Pakistan commenced its nuclear programme after India’s so-called “Peaceful Nuclear Explosion” in 1974. Similarly, India, first, conducted the nuclear explosion in May 1998. Hence, Pakistan was left with no other option but to react in the same way in order to balance the mismatched power in the region.

Resultantly, it is high time that India realized to stop allocating its resources in unnecessary military technologies. So that, Pakistan doesn’t need to react to balance the disturbed power.


Shikarpur, December 3.