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–Frank Loyld Wright


Nicolae Minovici - The Doctor

Who Hanged Himself for Science


During the first decade of the twentieth century, while employed as a professor of forensic science at the State School of Science in Bucharest, Nicolae Minovici undertook a comprehensive study of death by hanging.

Inspired by his research, he decided to find out, first-hand, what it would feel like to die in this way.

His research on the effects of hanging on the human body included performing multiple hanging experiments on himself, each lasting for a period of approximately five seconds. Minovici performed twelve hanging experiments involving himself as the subject.

He used a dynamometer attached to a knot which he then tied around his neck and experimented with various positions of the knot around his neck, observing associated phenomena such as vision disturbances, change of skin colouring and ringing in his ears as well as the speed of the onset of these symptoms.

His research on hanging was published in a 200-page work titled Study on hanging, in two language editions. Minovici died in 1941 from an illness affecting his vocal cords.