“Music is the literature of heart; it commences

where speech ends.”

–Alphonse De Lamartine


To an ordinary man’ mind, “great injustice done to a people” come at once at the mention of Palestine every time. To those who love literature, Mahmoud Darvish makes an image on the screen of their mind; and a music freak associates Le Trio Joubran, a band of oud playing brothers, with the mention of Palestine. Many may not the fact that Mahmoud Darvish was a mentor to the three brothers. And this was not the only relation among them. Darwish for the last twelve years of his life actively collaborated with the band. Darwish known to the world as the poet of resistance and the oud-playing band combined poetry with music. And the experiment is a highly successful outcome.

In these collaborations, when Darwish’s powerful voice reads the poems in Arabic, the band play their music to the words. But make no mistake: Le Trio Joubran do not, for a second, try to “enhance” the powerful music that effortlessly reaches its audience from Darwish’s poetry; they merely accompany it, at times only by listening to it and at times by answering it back with compassion. While the man is mortal, as Darwish’s death in 2008 tells us, the poet’s collaboration with the band will never die. Hopefully, these creations will reinvigorate the spirit of those who think the fight against injustice and oppression is meaningless without the liberation of Palestine.