LAHORE - Principal Post-graduate Medical Institute & Lahore General Hospital Prof Muhammad Al-Fareed Zafar has said that some people are born to work for ailing humanity and they always remain alive in the hearts of people. He expressed these views while addressing a condolence reference, held here to pay tribute to renowned urologist and former principal of PGMI Prof Sajjad Hussain where senior professors and persons relating to medical field expressed their views and attended in a large number. Principal Professor Al-fareed Zafar announced naming the Urology Ward of LGH after former Professor Sajjad Hussain to acknowledge his services. Executive Director PINS Prof Khalid Mehmood and Prof Tanvir Anwar said that Prof Sajjad Husain was a symbol of decency. Apart from medical professional capability, he was a man of social abilities as well, who always put the mission of serving the ailing humanity before him, he added.