History of Pakistan cricket has been a history of petty politics, favoritism, nepotism and perennial bickering between the players as well as the administrators. There have been cases of drinking, running after girls and nights out from hotels whenever the team was out of the country. The recent surfacing of differences between captain Muhammad Yousuf and 'a star player is a continuity of the same lack of discipline. I believe this has roots in the politics of our country too. Never do we appoint managers of the team on the basis of merit. Favoritism always plays a major role in this regard. Same with the chairmen too. A number of PCB chairmen were retired generals. I wonder what the generals have to do with cricket? The last PCB chairman was a toady of General Musharraf. Ijaz Butt is yet another toady of someone big. Mr. Butt was a mediocre cricketer who played for the Government College, Lahore team. Experience-wise he may be the oldest relic of the past, but he is not very wise. I wonder when we will we have merit in our institutions? -DR. TABINDA, Sargodha, February 13