It gave me immense pleasure to look this morning at the photograph of Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine, being received by Pakistan President at the Presidency in Islamabad. My mind flashed back 75 years when as a young schoolboy, I had adorned an armband for Palestinians. It was in the mid 1930s and we were campaigning to collect money for Palestinian refugees. After a couple of days, I could collect present equivalent of Rs. 1.75. It was a large amount in those days when daily wage was only about 8 annas (1/2 rupee) and wheat was available at Rs. 1.25 per maund. Of course, as little young boys we did not know then where Palestine was situated and why its people had become refugees? What we were told was that they were Muslims and we as Muslims must help them. After innumerable sacrifices and hardships, the valiant Palestinians are today an entity in their own right. Hence, my thrill at seeing the President of Palestine among us in our own independent homeland knows no bounds. -B.A. MAILK, Lahore, February 13