LAHORE - Indians write literature on the basis of various situations explained to them by the film people while in Pakistan literature is created by writers to satisfy their own instincts. Their main concern is to highlight real events from life and explain intricacies about universe. A renowned Urdu Ghazals poet Kashif Rehman, a veteran prof of English language expressed these views at The Nation Forum here on Sunday. He said the focal point of Indian writers was visual art and their masses also like action-oriented literature. He said Pakistan is the land of great civilizations having original art and literature. Multan-based poet said he learnt the final touches of poetry from an eminent poet Ghulam Hussain Sajid. I took interest in paintings in my early days but with the passage of time I realised that I can easily express my feelings in words, Kashif added. He said the current era presents downfall of literature both in English and Urdu as industrialisation and technological advancement has demolished imagination. But within few years if democratic system prolonged in Pakistan, he said, we would see the renaissance of Urdu literature. Government should also provide funds for the promotion of literature besides patronizing literary organisations in the same footings as in the US, Japan and France, he further said. About literary movements in Pakistan, he said renowned literary icons including Zaffar Iqbal, Ghulam Hussain Sajid and Khalid Ahmad promoted metaphysical poetry while Nasir Kazmi, Aslam Ansari and Ahmad Mushtaq worked on romanticism. He said the poetry of Noon Meem Rashid has the glimpses of western literature while the poems of Majeed Amjad and Faiz Ahmad Faiz depicted the eastern life style and struggle. To a query, Kashif said maximum poets wanted self-projection by capturing media these days instead of paying serious attention towards the creation of progressive literature. They have no time for inculcation of genuine poetry to the promising poets, he added. Mohammad Ameen, renowned Urdu poet and Chairman of Philosophy Department in Bahauddin Zikriya University Multan invented Haiku. It has great attraction and a beautiful addition in Urdu poetry, he added. Kashif Rehman also urged literary institutions including Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) to introduce such mechanism, under which revolutionary steps should be taken for the promotion of introverted young poets, who may the torchbearers of new era. Kashif also recited his poetry and various couplets including: Eik Pata Tha Aasteen Mein Abhi, Zindagi Eik Dao Kheeli Phir.