TRIPOLI (AFP) - Moamer Gaddafi and his family are among 188 Libyan figures barred from visiting Switzerland, according to a decision made by Bern amid a diplomatic row, a Libyan newspaper said on Sunday. The private daily Oea, which is close to the Libyan leaders prominent son Seif al-Islam, carried the report quoting an unidentified high-ranking official. Swiss authorities have taken a decision prohibiting 188 Libyan figures from entering Switzerland, the official was quoted as saying on Oeas website. The report said among those blacklisted were lawmakers, people from the prime ministers office and military, security and economic officials. There was no immediate reaction from Switzerland. But the Libyan official warned in Oea that the decision would undermine Swiss interests and that if it is not scrapped, (Tripoli) will respond with reciprocal measures. The newspaper did not say however when the decision was taken or when it was to take effect. Libya has been embroiled in a diplomatic row with Switzerland since July 2008 after the brief arrest in Geneva of another Gaddafi son, Hannibal, and his wife when two hotel servants complained he had mistreated them. Justice authorities in Libya later barred two Swiss businessman from leaving the country and put them on trial for two separate cases of overstaying their visas and illegal business activities. The pair, Max Goeldi and Rashid Hamdani, have been holed up at the Swiss Embassy since July 2008. Earlier this month a Libyan appeal court reduced Goeldis 16-month jail sentence for overstaying his visa to four months while Hamdanis sentence on similar charges was dropped in January. They were also both put on trial for alleged illegal business activities. The case against Hamdani was dismissed while Goeldi was ordered to pay an 800-dollar fine.