LAHORE - PML (Like-Minded) President Senator Saleem Saifullah has demanded of the government to withdraw its decision about appointment of judges, as it would prove disastrous for democratic process. He was addressing a news conference along with Mian Asif, Secretary Information Punjab, at the latters office on Sunday. He said the PPP-led government instead of taking unconstitutional steps should mend its ways, as the role of the government did not favour democratic norms. He urged the government to step down if it could not handle the crises, and facilitate other political forces to steer the country out of the current crises. According to him, both the executive and the judiciary should not make the issue a matter of ego, keeping in view the circumstances obtaining in the country, and try to resolve the issue by working within their ambits. He said that they would not become part of the PML-N protest drive against the government, and any decision in this regard would be taken after consultation with all the leaders of their faction. He said the President and the Governors should have no immunity, and PML-Q (like-minded) had already submitted its bill to the Senate secretariat in this regard and they were contacting other political parties in a bid to win their support on the removal of the said immunity. Senator Saleem said his faction was a staunch supporter of the unification of all the Muslim Leagues, as unified Muslim League would help strengthening democracy and steer the country out of the existing crisis. Replying to a query, he said Pervez Musharraf had committed a blunder on Nov 3, 2007 vis-a-vis judiciary, and their faction considers Musharrafs decision a blunder till today. Responding to a question, Senator Saleem said the new chairman of the National Accountability Bureau should be a retired judge of the Supreme Court. Answering another question, he said it seems that army chief has changed its policy regarding meetings with politicians, now he was meeting politicians but the politicians should not meet him.