Judiciary and executives locking horns on the issue of judges appointment not only triggered public unrest in terms of pro and anti-government processions across the country but also has perturbed the short-term investors to mar sentiment on bourses. Pakistans capital market that went through a literally dull week ending Friday last, is most likely to undergo high volatility during the days ahead in the wake of the constitutional row erupted between the apex court and the Presidency. Players started the week under review on a positive note but lack of impetus kept the trade as lacklustre. Indecision on part of the investors prevailed chiefly due to the confrontation that has come to the fore by now and was in the making emitting tense waves especially for the stock players. Amid contracting volumes, the market, however, bettered by nearly half a percentile during the first session of the week that was on Monday last. Correcting international crude oil, disappointing economic indicators especially the fiscal deficit growing beyond targets, law and order situation across the country, further delays in release of the US coalition support fund, and last but not the least, the prevalent political uncertainty forced the investors to stay on side lines. Therefore, the market during the following couple of sessions remained bearish besides facing further contraction in the overall volume of trade. Karachi Stock Exchanges KSE-100 Index slipped consecutively on Tuesday and Wednesday last bagging an aggregate loss of 76 points or three quarters a percentile. On Thursday last, the news that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani would meet opposition leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif helped sentiment better. Therefore, the KSE-100 Index improved by two-thirds a percentile. The market, however, failed to pick up momentum on the day of the meeting between the two leaders, perhaps, due to its failure to come up with a substantive outcome. Therefore, the market players remained divergent on the last session of the week under review on Friday last. Net calculations indicate that the market throughout the given sessions could gain merely one-third of a percentile at the end of week after going massive ebb and flow but with a squeezing volume of trade. Pundits were clearly foreseeing deterring developments on the political front during the week starting Monday thus leaving the investors cautious of taking fresh positions. Analysts believe that yet another constitutional crisis has started brewing up after the developments on Saturday. They observed that this untoward row has erupted at such a critical juncture of time when the economy and particularly the short-term investment on bourses were requiring a stable and conducive political environment to maintain the pace of recovery. They said, unless sanity prevails at the apex levels both in the government and the judiciary, stocks are feared to erode the recovery they had attained so far. Besides the political tensions, the performance of the economy was rather paving way for the bearish resurrection. Small investors would now rush for the sidelines by offloading their holdings, and early hours panic selling on Monday (today) could be foreseen, the pundits maintained.