KARACHI - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hassan, on Sunday said that the government had waged war against independent judiciary. Denouncement of Judiciarys orders by present government comes under contempt of court. Judiciary should take immediate action against it. He said this while addressing a Press conference after meeting of Majlis-e-Shura JI Sindh at Quba Auditorium. JI chief said that Prime Minister could not claim that he was unaware or had no prior information regarding this decision about judges postings. He said to the rulers that if they adopted this way of confrontation against institutions, then country would likely go into turmoil and ensuing to this a chaotic situation would further aggravate the current political instability. He cited that none other than PPP as political party would be the most suffered one from this situation. He said the government had failed to implement the decision of 17-member bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He criticised present govt on the issue of appointment of the judges as they have fully ignored the provisions of the constitution. He mentioned the reasons of abhorrence of present regime towards the judiciary and judges by saying that the rulers were angry because the judgment on NRO fully exposed their corruption. He said the people were dismayed that no action had been taken against NRO beneficiaries. He demanded of the NRO beneficiaries to step down from their offices at once. Munawar Hassan urged upon the masses for strengthening the hands of judiciary by standing with it on national issues. He said his party after consultation with other political parties and lawyers would stage a big demo in front of Supreme Court in order to express solidarity with judiciary for the rule of law. JI Chief urged that the present government would always be remembered for backing out from promises, breaking laws and betrayal to the nation and country. He urged the PPP activists to mount pressure on their leadership to respect the decisions of Supreme Court. Talking about Pakistan-India renewal of the dialogue, JI Chief said that Kashmir and water issues should be included in the February 25th talks with India; otherwise these bilateral dialogues will not be useful for the country. He also stressed on the government to warn Indian authorities to end their secret agencies role that are involved in destabilising our country especially in Baluchistan and NWFP.