ISLAMABAD Dispelling the impression of clash among the institutions and intervention of the 'third force, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Sunday that there was no threat to democracy and the Supreme Court would interpret the decision about appointment of the judges and the Government would implement it. The Prime Minister said, For every wrong, there is a remedy, adding that the Government would present its point of view on the judges appointment issue in the court and whatever the decision the court would be, the Government would implement it. Talking to newsmen here after his visit to the SOS Children Village, he said that the decision at times could go wrong, however, he dismissed the impression that the Government was against the judiciary. He further said that he along with a number of partys stalwarts had been put behind the bars after they came on roads for restoration of the judges of the superior courts. He declined to comment on the issue as it was a sub-judice matter and simply said, Why should we be against the judiciary? Gilani said that he had sent the summary for appointment of the judges to President Asif Ali Zardari and after threadbare discussion on the matter with the constitutional experts, lawyers and party leaders, a decision was taken and subsequently notification was issued. According to him, some experts were still suggesting the Government that its move regarding appointment of the judges was correct. Let the court interpret. The system is intact and stable, the Prime Minister said. He further said that the institutions were strong and working within their prescribed limits. Why do you think that it is end of the system, or end of democracy and intervention of the third force, Gilani said. He said that the Government was ready to tackle any external and internal challenges. The Prime Minister said that he was in contact with the opposition parties and they would be taken on board on all issues of the national importance. He said that the Government appreciated the media and judicial activism. One decision on appointment of the judge cannot destabilise the system. I dont think so, Gilani said when asked whether there was any crisis. He said, It is not Kashmir issue that cannot be resolved. We will solve it. It will be fine. We are an emotional nation, he said. The PM said the people jump to conclusion at once, therefore the country had seen many martial laws, adding that the democracy was going through the process of evolution. He said that he had held a meeting with the Attorney General who gave him a briefing on legal matters and now the Attorney General would meet the Chief Justice. About extension in service of the Army Chief, Gilani said that the Government would not hide anything if it took the decision in this regard. Let the time come, we will not hide anything, the Prime Minister said. He condemned the blast in India that killed several people and said Pakistan was against terrorism in its all forms and manifestations. About the forthcoming foreign secretary-level talks with India and inclusion of Kashmir in them, Gilani said all issues including the water dispute would be taken up by Pakistan. He said that Pakistan wanted better relations with India and all matters could be discussed between the two sides after resumption of the dialogue. Gilani said that the Government remained in contact with the international community over its concerns about effects of Afghanistans situation on Pakistan.