LAHORE Pakistans former all rounder Mudassar Nazar has said Mohammad Yousuf and Shoaib Malik should be kicked out of the team to set an example before others. He put the blame of public spat between Mohammad Yousuf and Shoaib Malik on for the Pakistan Cricket Board saying it mishandled the issue. Both of the players are under central contract and should not have been allowed to behave in such a way. Yousuf should not have been allowed to go on television and give such an interview and Malik should not have gone to the press like this in response to Yousufs comments, Nazar was quoted as saying by PTI. What sort of an example are Yousuf and Malik giving to the younger players with this kind of behaviour? Both Malik and Yousuf should be taken to task by the Board, they should be kicked out of the team, Nazar said. We have already seen the likes of Umar Akmal misbehaving and if others see Malik and Yousuf also carrying on like this, then they themselves will think it is fine to behave like this, Nazar added. Yousuf and Malik feud has been simmering for a while. Yousuf was very active in the press and he has had a go at Malik and other players too quite a few times in the past, Nazar said. The slanging match that has now taken place before all has in my opinion been started by Yousuf and now Malik has also responded, he added. Nazar said Yousuf and Malik should have come to the table rather than going public with their differences. The players should have sat down together and anything that they wanted to discuss should have been discussed behind closed doors. What is really mystifying is that PCB chairman Ijaz Butt has given Malik nod of approval to respond in the press to Yousufs comments. Butt should not have done this which has made the situation even worse, he said. Nazar, who has had two stints as coach of Pakistan, said was not interested to take the responsibility again. The job is not for me. I would never do the job in future. I believe they are looking for a foreign coach and good luck to the person who takes on the role. In my opinion only a desperate man would take on the role, he said. Nazar also felt that the inquiry committee set up by the PCB to probe the recent poor performances against Australia will achieve nothing. The committee will achieve absolutely nothing. We have seen these committees set up before and there is a lot of talks, but nothing materialises from these committees.