The Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama, is a master of rhetoric. Just after stepping into the shoes of his predecessor, George Bush, President Obama had talked of changing Americas nuclear policy (January 25, 2009). Some thought of it as a pipe dream but many were fooled into believing it. A year into the Obama Presidency, his Vice President Jo Biden has recently disclosed that US is considering approval of seven billion dollars for its nuclear weapons in its upcoming budget (January 29, 2010). The reason he presented for this was, a thing called 'national security. This, while the US Senate voted to inflict new tough measures on Iran, sanctions that were meant to pressurize the Islamic Republic into dropping its nuclear program. This is not the first time that US is imposing such sanctions on Iran. This has happened many times with Iran as well as a number of other countries. When North Korea conducted its second nuclear test on May 25, 2009, President Obama renewed sanctions against North Korea, declaring that its nuclear program posed a national security risk to United States and a danger to the Korean Peninsula. When the US itself can possess the nuclear weapons, why cant others? Every country has the liberty to defend itself, be it through nuclear weapons or by some other means. Why are the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regulations not binding upon US and only imposed upon Iran and North Korea? The US is meditating over reserving a vast amount for its nukes in the name of national security. So is Iran. It is holding on to its nuclear program that includes enriching uranium for non-weapons use. I dont know why US feels threatened by Iran. The US imposes sanctions on Iran for making a nuke but doesnt even raise an eyebrow when Israel, having one for itself, wants to bomb Irans 'bomb-making facilities. America has no right to impose sanctions on Iran. The rules and regulations of international law should be equally binding upon every country; no one should be exempted from them. By expanding sanctions on Iran, Obama administration is promoting an atmosphere of war, not peace. -BADAR-UL-ISLAM, Islamabad, February 13