RAWALPINDI (APP) There is an acute shortage of 'Postal Order of different denominations in the post offices of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad besides overcharging in the pretext of taxes. I had to purchase a Postal Order of Rs.100 value which was not available at post offices in different localities, Mazhar Abbass, a businessman who needed a postal order for submitting it with an application in a government office. He said the staff of the post office suggested him to visit GPO for this purpose. He complained that he had to bear travelling expenses and extra time to purchase a Postal Order of Rs100. Rahim Khan, another citizen complained that he went to purchase a Postal Order of Rs.100 value from GPO, Islamabad but he was given two Postal Orders of Rs.50 denomination. He pointed out that he had to pay Rs.30 as tax for two Postal Orders instead of Rs15 for one Postal Order. He said that the concerned authorities should take notice of the shortage and ensure availability of Postal Orders of all denominations even at the small post offices in order to overcome shortage problems being faced by the people in this regard.