KARACHI - For the second time during the present government tenure confrontation between the PPP and PML-N surfaces on the issue of the governments decision to exercise the power of the appointment of judges and the PML-N put set a side the allegation of friendly opposition on it and strongly condemned the appointment of judges neglecting the SC chief justice directives. It may be noted that first time differences were created between the two biggest parties of the country, when PPP Govt had imposed Governor Rule in Punjab Province last year. This time how much serious confrontation is created between the PPP and PML (N), it can be gauged that PPP workers and activists burnt the effigy of PML (N) supreme leader Nawaz Sharif, in the heart of partys power bastion Lahore. The news of burning the effigy of Nawaz Sharif by PPP workers at Lahore spread like a fire in jungle across the country. The central leader of PML (N) Ahsan Iqbal, when contacted told The Nation that the burning of effigy of Nawaz Sharif, was a regretful event which shown a pre-planned strategy of PPP top leadership to gain political mileage. He said that PML (N) has directed its workers to show tolerance and restrain such type of activities and did not respond in that way. He said that PPP has adopted the same strategy which they run against PML (N) in 1990s when both parties were bitter rivals to each other but the PML (N) would still away from such type of politics and responding in democratic manner. We would not respond in the same manner as PPP is doing, he said. On PPP Govt. decision to appoint the Judges, Ahsan Iqbal said that PML (N) has strongly condemned the decision taken by the PPP led Govt. He said that PML (N) has very clear policy in this regard and we did not want that the executive should interfere in the judicial appointments. He was of the view that PPP Govt. through interfering in the appointment of judges, is trying to divert the public attention to open the corruption cases against the PPP leadership. PML-N Sindh organiser Saleem Zia said that during the last meeting held three days back with PML (N) chief Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani had assured the PML (N) that government would not interfere in the affairs of judiciary and follow the SC directives but on the other hand they took decision against the SC directives. He warned that whatever PPP Govt is doing, they would have to give answers to the public on all these wrongdoing committed by them. He regretted that the PPP workers burnt the effigy of Nawaz Sharif, expressing on showing principally motivated politics and obey the supremacy of rule of law but PPP is behaving in same its old and original style of politics.