LAHORE/KARACHI Char-ged PPP activists on Sunday staged rallies across the country to extend support to President Asif Ali Zardari and protest suspension of notifications regarding appointment of judges by the Supreme Court. The PPP supporters held demonstrations in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and other major cities. PPP Punjab and Lahore organisations took out a big rally in Lahore to register their protest over Saturdays decision of the Supreme Court stopping implementation of presidential order regarding new appointments of two LHC judges. A good number of PPP workers gathered in front of Lahore Press Club to express support for President Zardari and to condemn courts decision, which they termed a 'selected accountability of their party. They blocked Edgerton Road for quite some time and chanted slogans to express their disapproval of the decision. The rally was led by senior PPP leaders including partys Punjab President Rana Aftab Ahmad Khan, Senator Faisal Raza Abidi, Punjab General Secretary Sami Ullah Khan, Deputy Secretary Usman Saleem Malik and Secretary Information Dr Fakhruddin Chaudhry. The protesters on this occasion also burnt effigies of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif and raised slogans against them. Upon this, President Zardari reportedly telephoned Rana Aftab Ahmad Khan and asked him to stop party workers from doing so. President Zardari further directed him that they should keep their protest peaceful. Rejecting the apex courts decision, the PPP leaders in their fiery speeches said We want an 'independent judiciary and not the 'ruling judiciary. Addressing the participants of the rally, PPPs Punjab President Rana Aftab said that all state institutions should play their constitutional role. He was of the view that whenever an institution crossed its limits, it led to confusion and chaos. He said the President who had been elected by two-third majority of the parliament and provincial assemblies, had just exercised his constitutional powers in case of judges appointment. He said in the Al-Jehad Trust case, it had been clearly mentioned that senior most judge of a High Court would be elevated as Supreme Court judge and the judge next to him in seniority would be made CJ. He said the PPP had been a victim of wrong judicial decisions starting from judicial murder of ZA Bhutto to the latest one on judges appointment. He said PPP would continue to protest such decisions by the judiciary. Senator Faisal Raza Abidi minced no words when he said that Saturdays SC decision has been taken to benefit one political party. He said courts decisions could become controversial if they were made setting aside the principles of impartiality. He said it was hard to think that PPP would conspire against judiciary because it had given life and blood for its restoration. He said nearly 200 PPP men sacrificed their lives during judicial movement. The PPP leader further said the President had taken the decision regarding the appointment of judges keeping in view Al-Jihad Trust case, and now if the judiciary was not accepting its own decision, it might damage its credibility. He lamented that every time the Bhuttos and Asif Ali Zardari had been a victim of anti-democratic forces. He said, PPP wanted an independent judiciary and not the ruling judiciary. Dr Fakharuddin said that that democracy was facing threats from leaders having 'limited wisdom and who could not spend a few days in prisons and opted to go abroad instead. He said PML-N leaders claimed to be the champions of democracy in day time but they held meetings with Army generals and judges in the dark of night. In Karachi, PPP activists staged protest demonstration on Sunday to express solidarity with party leadership outside the Karachi Press Club. The protesters also criticised Nawaz Sharif over his remarks about the presidents undue involvement in the affairs of judiciary. Scores of PPP workers also chanted slogans against the PML-leadership while holing banners and placards inscribed with pro-democratic slogans. Witnesses said that despite enjoying power, a little number of party workers participated in the protest demonstration. Addressing the protesters, Advisor to CM Rashid Rabbani said that PPP had rendered uncountable sacrifices for the democracy in the country. Lashing out the PML-N Chief s remarks about independent judiciary, he said that some people were hatching conspiracies against the democratic government from their drawing rooms. He challenged that the peoples, who were involved in creating plot against the democratic government, to come forward courageously and keep on trial their talent before the masses. He added that despite Machiavellian conspiracies, the government would definitely complete its five-years tenure. He warned that the dire consequences might be come out in case of judicial killing of President Asif Zardari. Rabbani said that having ignored the policy of confrontation, PPP was promoting the policy of reconciliation, adding that it should not be considered as the weakness of PPP-led government. PPP Karachi President Najmi Alam said, We neither accepted any dictation in the past, nor we would do so at present. PPPs workers had sacrificed their lives for the restoration of the judiciary and now they would not let to derail the democratic system from its proper line of action. He said that President Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan People Party and democracy were mandatory for each other, saying that People workers must foil the conspiracy against the democratic government. In adopted resolutions, the protestors demanded of the government to immediately sack the PCO Judges from their slots. They extended their full confidence on the decision of President Asif Ali Zardari, terming it constitutional and legal. The resolution further demanded the government to immediately issue the wage-board award for journalists fraternity. They announced that PPP would take out the Istehkam-e-Jamhoriat rally on Wednesday to express their solidarity with the Party leadership.