ISLAMABAD Notwithstanding its firm resolve to fight the legal battle in defence of Presidential orders regarding judges appointment, the PPP bigwigs in daylong consultations on Sunday carefully avoided ruling out the possibility of withdrawing the notifications in question. Sources privy to meetings held separately at both the Prime Ministers House under Premier Yousuf Raza Gilani and at Presidency with President Asif Ali Zardari in chair, told TheNation that two sessions lacked unison. According to the sources, the meeting under the President was not in favour of keeping withdrawal of the notifications, already suspended by the Supreme Court, as an option. The President was firmly of the view that he had acted within the constitutional domain without violating any of the articles of the Constitution, the sources informed. Therefore, he has ordered the ranks and files of his party to aggressively defend the PPPs standpoint on all fronts, the sources further disclosed. The meeting at the Presidency also finalised the line of action for the PPP parliamentarians in the National Assembly and Senate to ward off political assault by Opposition as well as the coalition parties. According to the sources, Zardari also took notice of the reports suggesting that the Prime Minister was forced to furnish advice for the appointment of judges against his own will and on the desire of the President. Meanwhile, the sources informed that meeting with Prime Minister in chair considered the withdrawal of the notifications in question as one of the pertinent option to end deadlock between the judiciary and executive. The sources told TheNation that the Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan who called on Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Sunday later told the Prime Minister that the Government was on a weak wicket and withdrawal of the notifications would be an easiest way out of deepening imbroglio.