QUETTA Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that without dispensing justice to the masses, the provision of bread, cloth and shelter was not possible. Rulers are trying to set up different systems for the poor and privileged people in the country. He expressed these views in a telephonic address at Quetta Press Club on the occasion of oath-taking ceremony of newly-elected members of PTI Balochistan on Sunday. He said that PTI was struggling to ensure justice to the people in all spheres of life and would continue to struggle till it is done. We want to make PTI an institution for the prosperity of people, he added. Criticising political parties, Imran said that all the big parties of the country were opportunists and working for their own interests ignoring the miseries of people. He was of the view that without delivering justice to people, slogans of providing bread, cloth and shelter could not be materialised. He said: Independent judiciary and free media are our agenda and PTI has struggled for these institutions. The PTI Chief said that they would continue struggle for the protection of independent judiciary and the next destination of PTI would be establishment of a free and independent election commission so that free and fair elections could be held in the country. He said he and his party would always work in accordance with the party manifesto. He added that PTI had always rejected the offers of establishment to join the government. He said that with the power of people PTI would steer the country out of all crises and deliver justice to every citizen. Newly-elected President of PTI Balochistan Qasim Suri and Shahid Qazi and other elected members also addressed on the occasion. They held Army Generals and corrupt politicians responsible for the worsening condition of the country, saying they had caused huge losses to the country. They alleged that there was no difference in the policies of former dictator Pervez Musharraf and President Asif Zardari.