KARACHI - Although the Local Bodies system is completing its eight years of existence, the fate of the Civil Defence Department could not be changed. Ineptitude and indifference on part of the authorities concerned in both the City as well as the Sindh governments made the department lain dormant. These authorities seem less bother activating the most essential department, especial in the current scenario of the country. The question arises that what will happen with the department when the new administrator will take the charge of the city government, either it will be completely devolve or run under the Sindh govt, it is the matter of time which will ascertain in the forthcoming time, the Nation learnt on Sunday. However, the department is not functioning well but the Federal government has strictly directed in writing the provincial governments, especially the Sindh government to activate the Civil Department in its true sprite to enable it to cater to the contingencies at the grassroots level and which has been the reason for its fame in the past. The Civil Defence Department has great significance in the prevailing circumstances the country is passing through and which is a war-like situation. Bomb explosions, violence and natural disasters are regularly unleashing across the country as five bomb explosions took place in Karachi city just in 40 days this year and dozens of innocence people killed and injured. If Civil Defence, Junior Brigade and Scouts type organisations activated with its true spirit the country can face this violent situation with more bravery and courageousness and sense of unity, responsibility, public participation, solidarity and brotherhood also created among the masses. The drills and exercises of volunteers of Civil Defence has stopped past several years due to lack of interests of Civil Defence department officers, shortage of funds, lack of equipment and lack of interest of the authorities concerned. Inside sources in the department and some members of Civil Defence divulged to TheNation that the condition of the department is pathetic due to negligence and lethargy of the hierarchy of the previous Sindh government, led by former chief minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim. But mentioned that the present coalition government of the PPP, MQM and ANP, also did not take interest to activate the Civil Defence department with its true spirit and use it in the interest of the citizens, as the department is really part of civil society. On the other hand, the PPP led Federal governments interior ministry has sent a communiqu_ to Sindh Govt with the direction of the reactivate the Civil Defence department, and organized the drills and exercise of its volunteers but practically no movement yet to be seen so far on the surface in this regard. It may be noted that Civil Defence had been devolved in the city government during its first tenure in 2001, according to the SLGO, when first city government was established but since then practically the department was not devolved and despite passing more than eight years it is functioning according to the old procedure, sources said. The functioning of Civil Defence is going very slow since long due to various reasons but the main reasons are lack of funds and Sindh Govt and CDGK did not take interest to run the department in proper manner and boost its performance. Sources disclosed that warning system of Civil Defence which help warn the citizens through sirens in case of any urgency is still out-of-order. The department is still working according to the old planning as its offices are established in four defunct districts, South, West, East and Central, in Karachi. The directorate of the Civil Defence is situated in Jublee, Garden East, where the office of the director of the department is situated. Sources said that from lower-grade to grade-19, more than 200 employees are working in the department across the province of which more than 80 employees are work in the four offices established in the four defunct districts of Karachi City. The inside sources mentioned that employees are used to not do the official work from one decade. They said that basic reason of pathetic condition of the Civil Defence is that funds are not being given to the department. However, sources claimed that there are about 4,000 to 5,000 old volunteers of the Civil Defence who are zealous and enthusiastic to serve the nation in difficult times. They always try to remain in touch with the department but the authorities concerned are not ready to bear the expenditures of their transportation and meal if they call to organise drills and exercises, they added. An official in the department, seeking anonymity, said that several times the issues and problems of the Civil Defence had been raised in the meetings with the high ups of the Sindh government, from the Chief Secretary to the officials of the Sindh Home department. They know every thing about the pathetic condition of the Civil Defence, they know what problems and difficulties the department has but are indifferent to address and resolve it, he pointed out.