LAHORE PICIC Insurance had the last laugh in the nail-biting finish of the Zong Aibak Cup final against HSBC winning by 8-7 on a sombre, misty evening here at the Lahore Polo Club on Valentines Day. Man-in-form Fernando Quinto Bourdieu led his teams march to the podium with three goals and thwarted the star-studded HSBC line up quite manfully. Atif Tiwana, Saqib Khakwani and Naveed Shiekh played good hand in their teams victory with two goals apiece. Atif Tiwana opened the scoring for PICIC Insurance with a solo-effort fiel dgoal and Naveed Shiekh doubled the lead with another field goal after getting a pass from Saqib Khakwani. Gaston Moore brought HSBC into the fray by skillfully converting a long lofted shot off a 60-yard penalty. Frenando was the man in-charge in the second chukker converting two goals for PICIC Insurance. Gaston Moore added one for HSBC in the chukker. HSBCs big guns were not just firing as they were 4-2 down by the start of the third chukker and Hissam Ali Hyder and Gaston Moore converted a goal apiece to bring their team back into the match. But Saqib Khakwani and Atif Tiwana added one goal each and laid to rest any HSBC plans to rest to get back into the match. In the fourth chukker, Gaston Moore lived up the billing by scoring two goals and so did Hissam Ali Hyder who scored off a pass from Moore, and HSBC, for the first time in the match were in the lead. But Fernando and Saqib brought PICIC again onto with two goals. Fernandos was hit off an undefended 30-yarder and Khakwani displayed his form with a solo effort to seal the issue. Ignacio Tocallino and Tomas Pieres officiated the match. Earlier in the subsidiary final, Hilton Pharma/Diamond Paints thrashed lackluster Al Khan /Tip Moore by 10-5. Ignacio Tocallino converted six goals for the winning side. In the end chief guest, Senator Jehangir Badar gave away prizes to the winners. Teams HILTON PHARMA/DIAMOND PAINTS: Kashif Jamal, Mir Shoaib Ahmad, Raja Samiullah, Ignacio Tocallino. AL KHAN /TIP MOOR : Usman Haye, Ahmed Ali Tiwana, Tomas Pieres, Dr. Iftikhar Ali Khan Simba. HSBC BANK: Sufi Muhammad Aamir, Hissam Ali Hyder, Gaston Moore, Sufi Muhammad Haris. PICIC INSURANCE: Naveed M Sheikh, Atif Yar Tiwana, Fernando Quinto Bourdieu, Saqib Khan Khakwani.