Pakistan has finally put the foot down on demand of the drone technology. Let the US realize that we are fighting a war for it and in doing so, we have ruined our country completely. Almost all the institutions of state are devastated, social disorder has reached the point of upheaval in our own backyards, corruption has become a way of life and agitation and denial have reached the point where even the SC verdict dont move anyone anymore. All this and more we are suffering to fight the American war, as they say often say in Washington, to save the freedom of American people. Let US admit partly, if not totally, that the cost of this war that Pakistan, and only Pakistan, has paid and is paying, has to be paid some bit by some others too. Is drone technology that dear to the Americans that they cannot share it even with their ever-sacrificing ally of the war on terror? I am sure our engineers in Kamra have the technical ability to make it if we get the blue prints. Lets put pressure on US to get this. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore