LAHORE - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani’s counsel in contempt of court case, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan on Tuesday said that Parliament faced no imminent threat from any side and its representatives (a reference towards PM) would acquit themselves before the court in all cases. 

Talking to reporters at the office of Provincial Election Commission after filing nomination papers for a Senate seat, he said Parliament was a supreme institution in a Parliamentary form of government and apprehensions regarding any threat to its existence had no basis.

Without mentioning contempt proceedings against PM Gilani in the Supreme Court, Aitzaz said that elected institutions had a dignity of their own and those representing them would be honourably acquitted in all cases. He was of the view that cases in the SC against members of the Parliament had no bearing on its supremacy as a supreme institution. The judiciary, he added, also had its dignity, which must be respected and maintained.

Referring to lawyers movement for restoration of deposed judges, he stated that when the dignity of the judiciary was in danger during Musharraf’s rule, it was he who led the campaign to put the judges at their honourable position.

Aitzaz said he was out to reduce tension among State institutions as he wanted to see all of them working within their respective domains as defined under the Constitution. He avoided all questions by reporters pertaining to PM Gilani’s case in the Supreme Court, saying this was not the right forum to comment on such issues.

Besides, he added, he had been advised by his Guru not to respond to questions starting from the word ‘if’.