NANKANA SAHIB - A high-level committee has been constituted to look into the matter of 27,000 fake arms licenses issued allegedly in connivance with a police official and a clerk of the DCO office.

The committee comprises the director anti-corruption, the DCO and DPO of Nankana, Deputy director and circle officer of anticorruption. The committee will investigation how many dacoits and criminals got licenses issued by district government the the police employees.

Mulvi Jamal Din of Nankana police lines and Aslam Gujjar, a clerk of arms and ammunition branch of the DCO office, issued 27,000 fake and illegal arms license under the nose of the district administration and plundered about Rs 100 million in this way. Malik Khadum Gilani said that notices had already been issued to the fake license holders. He added that they had also been directed to submit their fake licences and weapons in the nearest police station, and submit new application to get new licences to avoid any legal action against them.

After proper scrutiny and following rules and regulations new weapons licenses would be issued, he added.