LAHORE – Like other parts of the country, the Lahorites also celebrated Valentine’s Day as ‘Love Day’ for expressing their love by presenting red flowers, wearing colourful dresses especially red and pink and offering chocolates, and sending greeting cards.

On the other hand many people termed such celebrations, the promotion of an unethical tradition in a Muslim country and they declared the day against the norms of Islamic values.

“We have not seen followers of other religion celebrating our religion” The essence of Valentine day was the promotion of “Illicit Love” and has been inculcated into our culture without thinking of the repercussions. People expressed miscellaneous feelings in this regard as some said this was a love for the family as well others. Whereas Islamists, have different views of Valentine’s Day and they have strictly forbidden Valentine’s Day celebrations. Female educational institutions around the city put a strict ban on female students celebrating Valentine’s Day inside the campus while different student unions in these colleges celebrated the day as “Haya Day”. Islamist groups inside the city also distributed pamphlets among the citizen and education institutions and requested the students to celebrate “Haya Day”.