U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter Wednesday said the cooperation between the secret agencies of Pakistan and his country were still sustained.

Addressing Boston-based university Harvard Kennedy School, he said the Pakistani politicians don’t want to the US soldiers to go back home, adding the US put on hold the military aid based on the withdrawal of their trainers.

The ties among between the armies of the two countries are not good, he added.

Ambassador Munter said Pakistani government is well abreast of the fast that both Washington and Islamabad are equal stakeholders in the war on terror; but, this cooperation could get affected as Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha steps down from his office.

The US envoy Munter advised the US leadership to employ a policy of minimum interference and maximum decency over Pakistan’s affairs, adding his country should restrain the use of threats to the least.

He said leadership in Islamabad and Rawalpindi wants better ties with Washington but they also believe that it should be based on mutual respect.

Munter said Pakistan is like a ship which does not move forward or backward in sea but it also can not be sink at the same time.

The bilateral US-Pakistan ties, he continued, were harmed over Raymond Davis issue; Pakistan took the US operation against Osama Bin Laden as affront to it and NATO attack on border check post on November 26 last year which left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead.