NOORPUR THAL - Jamaat Ahmadi Pelowanis President Zohar Ali Khaba embraced Islam here the other day.

While talking to the newsmen, Zohar Ali said that he was impressed by the golden teachings of Islam. “Islam is a complete code of life that is why I have embraced this religion. I take every word of the Qur’an for truth. I have definitely found the right path and it is a life changing decision”.

Meanwhile, Maulana Qari Ghulam Fareed, Maulana M Masood, Jamaat-e-Islami local leader Malik M Waris Jasra, JUI-F District Ameer Maulana Abdur Razzaq, Maulana Haji Muhammad Ramzan and Allama M Naveed Arshed Haidri congratulated Zohar Ali on embracing Islam.

Power cuts continue to irk citizens:  Residents of many village of Thal remained under darkness due to unannounced prolonged and recurring power outages here the other day. The Mepco has no schedule of loadshedding which have totally damaged the routine work of traders and students. The traders protested against the government and demanded permanent solution to the issue.