WARBURTON - In memory of great public poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz, a Faiz Aman Mela was organised in connection with his 101st birthday at Govt. High School Warburton City.

Programme coordinator Dr Ghulam Nabi Shakir presided over the function while PTI leader Rana Ali Ameer Joya was the chief guest. Dr Ghulam Nabi Shakir, a companion of the poet, highlighted some aspects of his life.. Faiz’s life was a combination of affection, solitude and rebellious and these point met at single point of love. said the physician. He read out Faiz’s poetry with rhythm and pace amidst praises and clapping from the audience.

Rai Iqbal Hussain, the deputy district education officer of Nankana Sahib, describe the life of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Joya addressed the participants, saying that the Faiz was still alive in their minds due to his personality.

EST teacher Muhammad Nawaz, student Muhammad Saqlain and Wahee Ahmad read out his poetry. The senior headmaster thanked all the audience for selecting institute as venue for Faiz Aman Mela. The school was decorated with pictures of Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

Later, two books of Faiz Ahmad Faiz to Ali Ameer Joya and Dr Tafheem Haider through Javed Ashraf Shooka and himself, respectively. At the end of Mela a cake of 20 ponds was cut collectively by program director Dr. Ghulam Nabi Shakir, Rana Ali Ameer Joya, Dr. Tafheem Haid Kazmi and host Javed Ashraf Shooka on the occasion of 101st birthday of Faiz Ahmad Faiz.