This note is in response to the article written by Dr Haider Mehdi with the above title. He has compared the performance of the dictatorial regimes with the political leadership. It is an unfair comparison as the post martial so-called democratic regimes were badly tainted by the dictators. Bashing of genuine political leadership was started with the murder of the first elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. The period between 1951 to 1958 is of utmost importance and must be researched. All the founding fathers and political heavy weights of the Pakistan Movement were surgically eliminated and replaced by third rate politicians that dominate the political arena today. Pak Army has inflicted immense institutional damage to the country, which were built by the sweat and blood of the founding fathers. We are back to 1947 from where the journey was started, all the civilian institutions have to be re-built and the democratic arena cleansed of their toadies for the country to move forward. Constitution and the rule of law is the only way forward, no more Khaki adventurism.