ISLAMABAD - Sher Afgan Niazi, one of the country’s seasoned politicians, accused Inspector General of

Islamabad Police on Tuesday of helping high profile accused and appealed to the Chief Justice of Supreme Court

to take notice of unjust done to him.

“Despite the orders of the apex court, which directed the IGP to take action against accused, the higher police

officer is not only reluctant to take action against accused but is also trying to set him free using his authority,”

former Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs told TheNation on Tuesday. It is pertinent to mention here

that apex court ordered Islamabad Capital territory police in July 2011 to take action against accused mentioned

in FIR # 331 under section 324/377-g/279/427 registered in Margalla Police Station.  However, incumbent Chief

of Islamabad Capital Territory police Binyamin Khan was reluctant to take action against the wealthy and

powerful accused who includes Managing Director of Toyota Indus Motor Company Ali S Habib and chief of

Toyota Japan Motors.   “I have come to know through a very authentic source that Ali S Habib has approached

the Inspector General Of Islamabad Police for getting undue favour. IG Islamabad has used his influence over his

subordinates including the investigation officer of particular case to declare the accused innocent,” Sher Afgan

Niazi, victim’s father and a seasoned politician alleged.

It is pertinent to mention here that investigation officer of this case, Abdus Sattar Khan got non-bale able warrant

of MD Toyota Indus Motors Ali S Habib and others from the judicial magistrate with section 30 From Raza Ullah

khan, the competent court. The stipulated time to join investigation expired and then the accused Ali S Habib and

others did not take care to join investigations and then Ali S Habib and others were declared as absconders.

“The accused have never joined investigations and were declared proclaimed offenders accordingly,”

Investigation officer Abdus Sattar Khan told TheNation on Tuesday, adding that there was no progress on the


Dr Sher Afgan Niazi has written a letter to the Chief Justice of Supreme Court to take notice of unjust being done

in his case and appealed him to direct the competent authority to take action.

“There is something very bad and vicious which will amount to a big injustice and abuse of Rule of Law in

Pakistan. When the honorable Supreme Court has given the factual position of the case and its facts and has

allowed adjudicate the case under the Rule of Law. If this is done in this awkward way and the people of Pakistan

are suffering from the criminal negligence of manufacturing substandard SRS Air Bag system and a Hell of

money is charged by the manufacturing companies and corporations, then where the people of Pakistan will go to

have justice,” Dr Sher Afgan Niazi questioned.

He added this is the big question for the people of Pakistan and the sufferers of such fatal accident casualties as

his son has also died due the criminal negligence of Indus Motors company ltd Karachi and Toyota Company


“I request to the honourable Chief justice of Pakistan of Supreme Court and the Chief justice of Islamabad High

Court and also the interior Ministry to take care of such important cases so that the decisions of the lower courts

and functioning of the police to give justice to the grieved persons,” Niazi said.

In a letter written to the Chief Justice of Supreme Court Chaudhary Iftakhar Hussain, Sher Afghan Niazi said

that the decision of the full bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan be honoured and Inspector General of

Islamabad Police be asked not to interfere and put his pressure of his office below down to temper the justice and

Rule of Law for his personal ends.

“I am planning to go to the Honorable Supreme court or honorable high court once again in context of the case to

get the remedy of this unlawful intervention of Inspector General of Police Islamabad under the part II, Chapter I

of the Fundamental Rights, where it has been ensured in the Constitution to have a free and fair trail of any case

which has been incorporated in 18th Constitutional Amendment,” Niazi further said.

This correspondent tried several times to contact IG Islamabad to get his version, however he did not respond

until filing of this report. Even a message was dropped with telephone operator at his official residence, but he did

not respond.