As a Muslim it is our belief and faith that it is sole jurisdiction of Almighty Allah alone for trial, pardon or acceptance of performance of Hajj, Umra or Shahadat of any individual, irrespective of his caste, creed, faith or status. It is also our belief that Almighty at his sole discretion will grant pardon for any sins or shortfalls in our obligatory duties and performance of prayers etc to Him.  Almighty at same time has very clearly emphasized that any injustice, theft, or sin which leads to denial of rights of other human beings, can only be pardoned by affected individuals whose rights or feelings may have been trampled or denied. I have also witnessed that whenever there is a funeral of a Muslim, their relatives ask everybody after Namaz-e-Janaza, prior to burial, to come forward if their departed loved one owes any of them any debt, or either pardon departed soul for any wrong that he may have done to them. I fail to understand why PPP leadership, her heirs and jialas are saying that they will not allow trial of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s grave. This PPP government owes its electoral victory to her shahadat and memory. If they love her so much and cherish her memory and wish her peace in life hereafter, the least they can do is, that if aware of any misdeed, whether intentional, or by design, she may have committed, which involves tax payers’ money or an individual’s right, than her heirs should be seen returning all that is owed  by her and request the grieved parties to pardon her, so that her departed soul may rest in eternal peace. The choice as far as our beliefs is concerned, is very clear. To all those who love her, I can suggest that if they do not have resources to bear this burden, they should collect donation to pay back this debt, if that is the case. May Almighty grant her soul eternal peace and accept her Shahadat.


Lahore, February13.