ISLAMABAD  - Acting US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Hoagland said on Tuesday that the US was

anxiously waiting for the decision to be taken after the debate on Pak-US bilateral relations in its Parliament.

“Pakistan is going to reshape its foreign policy after a review of its relations with the US in the Parliament and we

are waiting for the outcome of this debate,” he told the media at the signing ceremony of agreement for

acquisition of Boeing 777 aircraft by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). He said the US and Pakistan had a

history of relations and the US was committed to continuing its relations with Pakistan based on mutual interest

and trust.

Hoagland said, “The ties between the countries are like relationship between two individuals which often see ups

and downs.”  However, he expressed his confidence that both sides were committed to entering a new era of

bilateral relations.

To a question about the Salala post attack, he said: “It was a terrible incident which should not have been


About the US Congress hearing on Balochistan, he said the US respected territorial integrity of Pakistan but the

US Congress had a right to discuss this issue as it had been discussing several such issues.