Thatta- Pakistan People Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto in an aggressive mood warned Taliban to restrain from crossing the limits.

Speaking to a closing ceremony of Sindh Festival in Makli, Bilawal said he denies accepting the Islam of the Taliban and announces a Jihad against them.

“Dialogue is always an option but we need to have a position of strength. How do you talk from a position of weakness? You have to beat them on the battlefield. They are fighting us. It’s not only confined to North Waziristan. They are attacking us in Karachi. We would like to eradicate the Taliban from Pakistan,” says Bilawal.

He said everybody should admit that TTP is an enemy driven by lust for blood.
“Taliban have no interest in talks or peace,” Bilawal said adding that it was surprising that some parties still insisted on holding talks with such deadly enemies.
 “Beasts can never be lured through roses and they need to be responded in the same language”, he concluded.