Yesterday I was watching a show on a local TV channel. The guests on the show were an actress and a famous politician. He has been a minister and an MNA for as long as I can remember. During the show he said that every third person in his village is suffering from hepatitis due to contaminated water. This shows how much our politicians are concerned about their voters and their areas. If he, after 35 years of being elected again and again, has been unable to even provide clean drinking water in his area, we can imagine the viewpoint and performance of the other politicians in this country!

If I was the anchor I would have asked him why he had not provided clean water to his own constituency? Who was he expecting to do this work when he had been elected from the area? Most of these politicians are filthy rich and move around in cars worth millions which they could have spent for providing clean water, or the amount they spend on the election campaigns can fix any village and provide it with water, medical facilities , schools if they really wanted a better life for their own people!

The fact of the matter is that all the elected politicians in the country have tried their best to fail the democratic system in this country. If this was not the case they would have made sure that the people in their constituencies at least have access to safe drinking water and that sanitation is taken care of. What good would roads or electricity connections (irrespective of 18 hours load shedding) do if you are dying of hepatitis, dengue, malaria or TB? We still say ‘Democracy is the best revenge’, but this actually means taking revenge from the common man who is simply trying to feed his family twice a day and live in peace. Shame on us as a country and a nation!


February 12.