LAHORE - A spokesman of the Government of the Punjab has contradicted the news published in The Nation titled ‘Military blocking Pakistan-India trade deal, says Shahbaz’.
The spokesman said the government of Punjab has also written to The Guardian newspaper rebutting the news and saying that the news, which is based on an interview of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif does not accurately depict the observations made by the CM in the interview. “The very headline of the story is misleading and not based on fact. Shahbaz Sharif never said that the military is blocking Pakistan-India trade deal.”
The story even contains some attributions in the form of adjectives which were not uttered by the chief minister. For instance, while answering a question pertaining to the role of the militaries of both the countries vis-a-vis the trade initiatives between India and Pakistan, the term ‘distrustful security agencies’ was never used by the chief minister.