Pakistan serves as a dumping ground for obsolete electrical and electronic goods which we import. Developed countries, in order to get rid of undesirable computers and related outdated gadgets, considered as scrap, send shipments containing million tons of second hand equipment, every year to Pakistan, for recycling and disposal. Now the problem of electronic waste in Karachi has escalated to alarming proportions.

Hundreds of workers earn their livelihood by extracting valuables from computers and defunct accessories. After dismantling them this E-waste is often burned in the open, which leaves behind precious metal like copper but the deadly compounds present in electronic scrap release harmful pollutants that cause neurological disorders, allergic manifestations and various skin conditions for both animals and humans. Moreover the remnants of heaped toxic waste contaminate our water, land, soil and environment. There is a dire need to enforce laws regulating the safe handling and disposal of E-waste in Pakistan.


Karachi, January 2.