Economic corridor route change is being debated in the Senate but not the absence of a feasibility report, and long term effects, including adverse. It is a Gawadar linked permanent road, rail and oil pipeline, through the centre of the country, primarily for China’s benefit both in peace and war. Pakistan will have to ensure free passage or face consequences; we have to understand that China is next door, not thousands of kilometers away, like America.

It is mind boggling that such a mega project, with far reaching effects, like the above mentioned, Karachi—Lahore motorway and LNG pipeline, metro, laptops, yellow cab, etc. are being launched without any feasibility study or a debate and approval of the Parliament or PA. No wonder, analysts like Dr Shahid Masood, consider Parliament irrelevant. Projects must be well intentioned but these can prove harmful or dangerous if not properly studied, scrutinised and debated including media debate. Fate of nation should not be decided in this dictatorial manner, and elected assemblies should perform their democratic role or face extinction.


Rawalpindi, February 7.