Events of last few days were worrisome as they displayed the mental maturity of our political leadership; apparently some of them are worse than uneducated and unruly boys, fighting for a kite in a street. It all started in Karachi last Friday when Rangers submitted a JIT report in SHC; the report was on Baldia factory fire of 2012. As per reports, it was a JIT report, based on confession of a person, who claimed to be a MQM worker, allegedly involved in several crimes. As per report he termed the factory fire as extortion.

Due to many loopholes in the report several political parties took a reasonable stand leaving it to the courts to decide on the authenticity of the Rangers’ claim. However, MQM’ arch rival in Karachi PTI took a strong stand directly blaming MQM for the inferno which perished more than 250 innocent factory workers. That started an open-for-all ugly game and use of foul and abusive language between leaders of the two parties, who both claim to represent the educated middle class.

Both the leaders were hurling allegations, tarnishing characters and picking on weaknesses and using them to hammer out political benefits is part of politics anywhere in the world, but to indulge in such abusive, hurtful and below-the-belt language shall not be acceptable by any standard. Though MQM leadership has apologized to PTI and for the time being temperatures are under control, it’s a war to win Karachi. But why should Karachites opt for these parties, when both have miserably failed to do anything for the betterment of city. Have they forced the provincial government to hold the local government (LG) elections?

The largest city of Pakistan, with 20 million people is without a local government for last five years. Have they forced the government to improve its governance? We have all seen utter neglect of schools, hospitals, infrastructure, utilities supplies, transport, security; street crimes show the dark side of the democracy. Let both the leaders verbally tear each other on TV screens; Karachites need new faces to replace this rot.


Saudi Arab, February 11.