After a long 3 hours class, we rushed to the Pharmacy cafeteria, and ordered chicken roll. We were waiting impatiently while he was making it. Within 5 minutes, he made it ready, and we took the first bite. Finally, a yearning for food ended.

“Yuck!!! Bee inside the roll…” right after second bite, I surreptitiously threw it into the dustbin because, I knew that First, My friends would throw it too. Second, they would make fun of me. But this has to be shared publicly.

In Karachi University, the food system is very terrible. Food may taste good but, as far as its quality is being concerned, it is tasteless. It is because there is no check and balance on the food and its quality. There must be a food authority that ensures the good quality of the food because health is not just wealth but everything.


Karachi, January 6.