Observing veil and wearing Abaya have been in trend for last two decades, along with this Islamic element women literacy and working ratio have also been significantly increased in Pakistan. Feminism has been so appealing that it is out of question to stop women to go outside the home. Women demand for equal rights and equitable treatments in Islam, yet when it comes to religious duties the focus is given on immunities. Prayer is as obligatory for women as it is for men though is considered infeasible and improper in public places for women. Undoubtedly Islam discourages women to go out for prayers, but in the situation when they are already outside for other works are they not bound to offer prayers like men?

There should be small rooms where women can offer prayers if they cannot reach home within the prescribed timing of a particular prayers. In developed Islamic countries this is very common. In big cities of Pakistan on well-furnished terminals of transports and in malls such facility is available but in smaller cities neither this facility is found nor this act is welcomed and is considered taboo. Women are considered normal in universities, banks, hospitals even in playgrounds but a women offering prayers in a corner at public place will ask you stare at her. So will it not be a good option to have ladies prayer rooms adjacent to mosques rather assuming their exemption from prayers? However women activist will never demand for equality in this right.


Kotri, January 7.