When holding important state assignments, some politicians, bureaucrats and khakis indulge in white collar crimes robbing state and individuals of billions which are siphoned out of country in smart operations hoodwinking elaborate anti money laundering international network and financial regulators within country.

In Pakistan almost 70% of population above age of 55 years, suffer from some medical ailment, which does not hamper their busy daily work schedules. However the moment any investigation is launched all ailments surface and their severity becomes more audible and played up by media spin doctors, in an attempt to portray the criminal as a victim.

What their patrons forget is that their conning activities have deprived state of billions which could have been invested in building infrastructure for health, education, provision of basic necessities and maintaining law and order, causing untold miseries for millions. The financial robberies they commit are crimes against the state, with disastrous consequences upon lives of most deprived sections of our society.


Lahore, January 6.