The 8th Lahore International Children’s Film Festival is full of excitement and entertainment. The Little Art was hosting shows at two venues Cinepax Cinemas and Alhamra Arts Council, Mall road Lahore with the support of CKU – Center of Culture and Development in Denmark.

Children of all ages poured into the cinemas and halls and the shows had been fully booked so far with an attendance of over 38 schools and nearly 8,600 schoolchildren. Some of the schools attending morning shows included TNS Beaconhouse, Esena Foundation, APS Azam Garrison, The Educators Defence, Beaconhouse JT, KIPS School Mughal Pura, BSS Senior Girls Campus, Bloomfield Hall School, Lahore School of Learning and LGS G1 Junior girls branch.

The festival also welcomed children from public and foundation schools. Punjab Education Foundation schools, SOS Children’s village, Al Fajar Lyceum High school Sheikhupura, Petaloid Secondary High School, Rising Stars Primary school and Learning school for the disabled who attended the festival for the first time.

A total of 80 films for children from 26 countries were showcased at the festival with special dialogue sessions with special guests like Asghar Nadeem Syed, Usman Peerzada and child star of film Dukhtar, Saleha Aref.

Festival Director, Shoaib Iqbal said: “This year is a celebration of the most amazing experiences in children’s cinema in Pakistan. We are grateful to the CKU and Royal Danish Embassy for supporting our initiatives this year, through which we were able to go to remote areas like Bhakkar, Tando Jam and Jamshoro to develop their skills in filmmaking and to experience an international film festival for the first time in their region. I am also thankful to Cinepax Cinemas for joining hands with us to support our cause.

The Little Art, is a not for profit organization committed to raising standards in education, we aim to provide opportunities for children to experience the arts as a vehicle for social, cultural and economic development. The organization holds Lahore International Children’s Film Festival every year since 2008.

Published in Young Nation magazine on November 26, 2016