This is in regards to a police man’s torture against a poor rickshaw driver in Gujranwala. Such torture has become a culture in Punjab. Most of the Station House Officers (SHO) and their subordinates commit atrocities on poor and helpless people as a routine matter. A few incidents are reported and our media compels the higher authorities of Police to take action but the rest of the unpleasant incidents go unheard. Policemen are encouraged to commit such atrocities by the poor application of laws and rules. I am also a witness to several other cases in which some policemen received financial gratification and they were officially proved guilty; but they managed to save their skin through socially pressurising the complainant. 

The government should abolish laws like the facilitation of a compromise; because they promote and strengthen negative police culture. Moreover, the majority of the SHOs favour those parties who come in the Police station through an MNA, MPA or any other influential personality. In this regard the governments of all provinces must legally ban the interference of the said personalities in Police department. Moreover, a rule should be passed according to which only the people concerned with the case will be allowed to contact a policeman. 


Lahore, January 24.