One is surprised that so far Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has failed to forge a consensus on the KBD while the PM of India, Narendra Modi, has stated that he would deprive Pakistan of its last drop of water. Our PM stoically ignores the writing on the wall that says Pakistan would meet a sad end without ensuring a stable water supply for its people. He has managed to get 2/3rds of the majority to become the Prime Minster for the third time with the help of ANP and JUI, he promised to build KBD but has gone back on his promise as Mr Shahi Sayed, the President of the ANP, went on record to say that his party had agreement with PML(N) to make KPK and not to make KBD. Nawaz Sharif has thus betrayed Pakistan by his reluctance to take steps to have a consensus regarding the KBD which remains to be a source of disagreement to this day. 


Lahore, January 28.