NOORPUR THAL - Newly-appointed Lahore High Court Chief Justice Yawar Ali underlined the role of lawyers for speedy justice, asking the black coat to utilizing all their energies for the redressal of public grievances at courts.

LHC Chief Justice Yawar Ali remarked while talking to members of a delegation of the Tehsil Bar Association (TBA) Noorpur Thal heer the other day. The delegation, led by TBA President Malik Muhammad Waris Jasra included its General Secretary Malik Abdur Rasool Awan, advocate Malik Akhtar Abbas Awan and others. The delegation apprised the LHC CJ of the issues faced by lawyers in Thal.

Talking to the delegation, Justice Ali assured them that the problems of the lawyers community would be resolved on priority basis. “The bench and bar are part and parcel for the justice dispensation and is prerequisite to ensure inexpensive and speedy justice in true spirit” , he pointed out.

The honourable Justice also said that justice should not be delayed to the common man and lawyers could play a supportive role to achieve the desired results.

Appreciating efforts of lawyers in strengthening the constitution, the Chief Justice emphasised that the legal fraternity would have to perform a proactive role to revive public confidence in the judiciary and come up to the public expectations. He also advised the lawyers to maintain and strengthen their relationship with their professional books of law by enhancing studies to face the challenges in delivery of speedy justice.

The delegation thanked the LHC Chief Justice and hoped that their issues would be accorded due consideration for finding remedies.